September 1, 2013

The Weekend that Was

Posted in: Family

A Slideshow of The Weekend that Was

Something I absolutely love is that everyone adores Toby and wants to hang out with him. This is very convenient for Andrew and I when we need someone to look after him for a few days, everyone puts their hand up.

This happened this weekend. Our lovely friends, Ricky and Cat from Adelaide came to Melbourne for the weekend and we all had an adult sleep over at our friend Shammi’s house, for two nights.

While mum and dad were having a good time, Toby definitely didn’t miss out on any fun. Toby stayed with my sister and her partner Darren for the weekend, they took him down to Sorrento to spend Father’s Day with Darren’s mum and dad at their holiday house.

Darren’s parents also fell in love with Toby during his overnight stay there. I love the photo of Toby and Darren’s parents, kneeling next to him like proud parents at his graduation or something! Hilarious.

Thank you Dani and Darren for always taking such good care of our fur son and thank you for the photos.