September 8, 2013

The Weekend that Was

Posted in: Family

We had a fairly quiet weekend so we could do a few ‘errands’ which consisted of house hunting, we are SO over it, Andrew practising for a medical interview he has in a few weeks and me creating our new range of Neckerchiefs, which you can view here. How was your weekend?
^ Waiting for our morning coffee

^ Andrew’s Sunday treat,  meat pie for breakfast from the service station, on the way to the park

^ Hello, blue skies

^ Toby’s fun place, the park

^ Straight into the shower when we get home

^ Toby enjoying the sunshine

^ Andrew practising his interview answers

 ^ Toby listening to Andrew’s responses

  ^ Love this little guy

 ^ Lune Store, my favourite store, sometimes I wish it wasn’t right outside our place

 ^ Sunday naps

 ^ One of our new Neckerchiefs, Sunshine Lollipops

 ^ The Splash of Colour, Neckerchief