September 9, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

Posted in: Family

Do you really get up at 5.45 in the morning to take Toby for a walk?

It’s funny how many people can’t believe I do this. The most common response I get from people when they find out I take Toby for a walk this early is, ‘Toby is a lucky dog!’ But really, I don’t see anything unusual or ‘lucky’ about this at all. When we go for our early morning walk to the park, there are so many people exercising on their own, in groups with a personal trainer and people participating in hard core boot camps, to me that is more, ‘I can’t believe you do that!’ There is no way I would be out there at that time if I didn’t have to walk a fur ball.

When Toby first came into our lives, Andrew wasn’t putting his hand up to walk Toby in the mornings and either was I. Therefore, as soon as Toby was allowed to go outside for walks, it was only ever after work. I soon started to feel sorry for Toby, he was home all on his own, every day of the week and only got some excitement in the evenings. That’s when I decided to walk him in the mornings and although it was difficult at first to refrain from hitting the snooze button for an hour, it’s definitely one of the best things I have decided to do.

As it turns out, I thoroughly enjoy my mornings with Toby, in fact, it’s my favourite part of the day.  We set off just as the sun is about to light up our path to the park, the streets silent from all noise pollution and the day in new and full of possibilities. Once at the park and Toby is off the lead, leaping through the grass like an excited bunny rabbit, I enjoy saying, ‘Morning’ to the regulars that pass with their dogs and watch Toby sniff every tree, smile at every stranger and walk in front of me, constantly looking over his shoulder to see if I’m still following him.

It takes about half an hour to complete a full lap of the park and then we head off to Market Lane for a coffee. Toby and I are usually their first customers since we always arrive just as the doors open. Once I have my coffee, we make our way home, I get ready for work as Toby makes himself comfortable on the couch, preparing for his first of many daytime naps.

Our morning rital takes an hour but it is so nice to feel like you have gotten up and done something before work, it gives the day such a great start.

What do you do for your dog that other people can’t believe you do?