September 15, 2013

The Weekend That Was

Posted in: Family

This weekend was busy, too busy. We started Saturday off the best way we know how, mushroom burgers and coffee before heading to the park. After that it was go, go, go. We inspected houses all Saturday morning through till late afternoon, we then had a 30th birthday party on Saturday night for our friend Ross. Sunday morning, I had to make some neckerchiefs before going to the Greville Street Markets and then off to my friend Marie’s 30th during the day. Melbourne weather was so good yesterday, blue skies, warm wind and for the first time in forever I went out without a jacket. Yesterday’s weather made me excited about spending days outsides, drinking cold beers with friends and getting back into the park with Andrew and Toby to do some exercise and get this families fitness levels back up. Bring on summer, hope you had a great weekend.

^ Starting the morning off with the best breakfast in town, Market Lane coffee and their amazing Saturday mushroom burgers.

^ Hey dad, can I have a sip, please?

^ If you live in Melbourne or are coming for a visit, you have to try the best burgers in town, hands down. These mushroom burgers are only available on a Saturday from Market Lane. Worth the journey, where ever you are.

^ Dad, I want to give you a kiss

^ Melbourne was displaying some serious blue skies over the weekend.

^ Wait for me!

^ See what I mean

^ My big baby

^ Inspecting houses yet again. Toby’s face says it all.

^ Next house

^ Toby is a champion in the car

^ House hunting is exhausting

^ Sunday naps

^ Two cutie pies walking through the Greville Street Markets