September 20, 2013

I Wish Toby Was On Top Of Our Wedding Cake

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^ Our wedding cake with Toby missing, can you tell what else is not right with the cake?

At the beginning of last year when we decided on getting a puppy, we tossed up whether we should wait until after we got married to get one or if we should just get one now. We stumbled across a litter that Toby was part of online before the wedding and that indicated to us that the universe wanted us to get a puppy before we got married.

Toby came home in March and in July we flew to Bali to get married (our wedding was featured in Style Me Pretty which you can see here). As Toby was filling our home with puppy cuteness, Andrew and I daydreamed about how amazing it would be if Toby could come with us and bring his cuteness to the wedding, bouncing down the aisle and mingling and partying with all our family and friends. Toby is such a big part of our family and looking back I really wish we somehow included him.

At the time, things were so hectic organising a whole wedding through email, I didn’t take the time to think about how to incorporate him. Now I really wish that we added Toby on top of our wedding cake. I so could have done it myself as well with these easy instructions to achieve a cute wedding cake topper of Toby, like the ones in the photos below. All I would have needed is some cardboard paper, glue, a marker and a toothpick and it would have matched our toppers as well.

A funny story, our toppers were just a print out of a picture I had sent my wedding planner and glued onto tooth picks. Leading up the wedding I had attached a picture to an email of the kind of topper I wanted on our cake and sent it to my wedding planner. She sent the picture off to the cake decorators to make one out of plasticine but they just printed the picture on cardboard, cut it out, glued them on tooth picks and stabbed them on top of the cake. Pretty funny!

These days having your dog at your special day or taking a part in the day is becoming more common. I love that we live in a world where it is totally ok for a dog to be a guest of honour and stand with the wedding party during the ceremony or be the ring bearer or the flower girl or even take part in a couple’s first dance.

As cute and meaningful as this sounds there are some things to consider if you do want to include your fur ball in your wedding. These include finding out whether the venue(s) allows having a dog on the premises, making sure you have someone to be the dogsitter and look after your dog during the time they are there. A dogsitter should also be prepared with everything from food and water, doggy poo bags, treats and a toy. It is important that you inform your guests that a dog will be there to prepare guests who have allergies or who are uncomfortable around dogs. If you want your dog to be part of the photos it is necessary to tell your photographer so they can be prepared, some may not feel confident with such a request. And lastly make sure you have an escape plan just in case your pooch decides to lose the plot and ruin your day.

There are so many fun things you can do with your pooch on your wedding day. Have you included your dog in your wedding or have you been to a wedding where this has happened? We would love to hear some stories.