September 22, 2013

The Weekend That Was

Posted in: Family

Lately, Melbourne sure knows how to crank up the weather for the weekends. It has been so terrible during the week however, as soon as Saturday comes around the sun is out and people are smiling again. On Saturday we went to our friends, Shirin and Daniel’s son, Oscar, first birthday. And boy, was it a birthday. Oscar is one lucky dude to have a mum who knows how to throw a party, Oscar’s first birthday party was better than any party I have ever had. His birthday was at the beautiful Como Gardens which we discovered was also dog friendly so we are going back there with Toby very soon. The sun was out again for Sunday and Andrew, Toby and I enjoyed lunch in the sun, met up with friends, Andrew played soccer and we had a very early night because Andrew had to be driven to the airport at 4.30am this morning to catch a flight to Adelaide for the day. Hope you had a great weekend, where ever you are in the world.

^ One Roo Teeth Cleaner, please.

^ Toby gets one of these every 2 weeks to give his teeth a good clean.

^ Definitely not an attractive eater but loving the Roo bone nonetheless.

^ Oscar’s birthday cake.

^ The dessert table, how gorgeous is it!

^ Happy Birthday Oscar.

^ Rolled up jeans and the sweetest wheels, I die.

^ Something for the adults.

^ The Como gardens are beautiful and dog friendly too.

^ Sunday, back in the park, just like every other day.

^ Hi!

^ Hi again!

^ If you haven’t gotten this album yet, you’re missing out.

^ Muddy park paws again, can’t wait for summer so Toby doesn’t end up in the basin every single time we visit the park.

^ Sushi and sunshine.

^ Hopefully if dad sees how nicely I’m sitting he will share his lunch with me.

^ Great, it worked. Now, which one to have.

^ Play time.

^ OK, I’ve had enough now, dad.

^ Oh, what’s going on over there?

^ A cool dude and a glowing dog.