October 20, 2013

The Weekend that Was

Posted in: Family

We had a busy weekend, I’m actually looking forward to a weekend where we do nothing, but that doesn’t look like it will be happening any time soon. Saturday started off at Lucy’s mum, Jill’s house for her annual breast cancer breakfast. Jill sure knows how to put on a show, she has been hosting these breakfasts for the last 5 years. Her aim this year was to raise $1,200 and thanks to everyone who attended the breakfast, she managed to raise more than that. I’m sorry for all the food photos, but they need to be posted to show off Jill’s amazing work and so I can relive each food moment. Everything was so delicious. After the breast cancer breakfast I picked up Toby from home and we went straight to the park where Andrew was setting up a BBQ picnic in the sun for his family.

Sunday started off so well, we went out for breakfast and made plans to go back home and do all our errands, exercise, clean the apartment and do the weekly shopping all before midday so that I could spend the rest of the time making neckerchiefs. Everything was going as planned until we came back home from doing our weekly shopping and realised we had left our keys inside the apartment. We also left our phones at home so we couldn’t contact my sister and ask her to come over with the spare key! A locksmith, a few hundred dollars less and a wasted hour later, we were home. While we were sitting outside our apartment waiting for the locksmith to arrive, both totally annoyed, I turned to Andrew and said, ‘You know, if this is the biggest problem we have in our lives, we are doing pretty well.’ And with that thought, our weekend went back to normal.

Hope you had a great weekend!

^ Short bread biscuits in the shape of the breast cancer ribbon, cute!

^ Everything was amazing but this…YUM!!

^ One of the breakfast guests went into Jill’s room to freshen up.

^ Lucy and her awesome new hair.

^ Jasper the pug, Andrew’s aunty and uncle’s dog, under the picnic table hoping for us to drop some meat on the ground.

^How cute are these two together!

^Toby enjoying a chicken stick.

^ Family hugs.

^After the park we all came home and crashed. We all got too much sun resulting in a long nap, when we woke up it was 8.30pm. Oops.

oct19th51^ Sunday morning started off well, breakfast at Hobba.

^ Hmm, what’s on the menu that’s dog friendly, dad?

^ Walking home from the shops, about to realise no one has a key to get inside.

^ Sunday naps.