October 22, 2013

Toby, Would You Like A Fur Brother or Sister?

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^ Razzel Dazzle and Pipsqueak

^ Who is that cutie pie?

^ It is very cute watching these two play, they stick together like glue

^ ‘I don’t need you guys, I have my best friend right here’

^ ‘No, you can’t play with him

^ ‘I can’t watch this dad’

^ ‘No, still don’t want anything to do with you’

^ ‘My dad, ok!’

Sometimes I wish Toby had a fur brother or sister to play with especially on the days both Andrew and I arrive home late from work. When Toby was only a few months old we contemplated getting another cavoodle. However, having two dogs in the apartment and being in limbo over other life issues, we decided not to. Also, Andrew and I travel a lot and it just seemed easier to ask people to look after 1 dog instead of 2.

Last week Andrew’s mother Deb came over with her new babies, brother and sister pomeranian x shih tzu named Pipsqueak and Razzle Dazzle, Pip and Raz for short. Toby has met Pip and Raz before at Deb’s house however watching him interact with them in his own home was pretty hilarious and made me realise, maybe Toby is ok being the only child.

Toby didn’t like it when Andrew was cuddling Pip and Raz, he would run to him and sit in his lap and stare down at them. Pip is very affectionate and spent the evening coming up to me and giving me lots of kisses which Toby saw and ran straight to me and started kissing my other check, WHICH HE NEVER DOES! During the night he also grabbed Toby Bear and was dragging him around showing him off and having special play times with him in front of Pip and Raz as if he was trying to get them jealous. Toby’s behaviour made us all laugh and gave us a nice feeling of, he is ok on his own.