October 27, 2013

The Weekend That Was

Posted in: Dog

How was your weekend? Our weekend was low key this time which I welcomed with opened arms. Saturday was spent running around town doing errands, lots of coffee and a park trip, of course. Sunday we caught up with our friends Sophia and Greg for lunch at our favourite restaurant, Chin Chin. I don’t think I will ever get tired of that place, hands down the best food, ever. The rest of the day was spent in the park, grocery shopping and getting ready to hop back on the treadmill that is the working week.

Have a great week!

^ Any one want this fur ball? Only $12.98.

^ Oh dad, no more photos, please.

^ Hey dad, do we need this?

^ This little dude makes those boring car rides around town bearable.

^ This is Toby Bear, Toby’s best friend. Toby absolutely loves this guy and drags him around all over the apartment. When it’s bed time, Toby will suck one of his eyes until he falls asleep, it always melts my heart.

^ If you follow us on Instagram you may have heard that I am closing my Etsy store in 2.5 weeks until January. If you would like to purchase our Christmas Collection Neckerchiefs or an everyday Neckercheif for your pooch as a Christmas present, pop over before November the 16th.

^ Toby spending Saturday night grooming.

^ Night, Toby.

^ Toby always knows when we are about to leave the apartment, he sulks around following us with those big black puppy dog eyes…it’s ok buddy, we’ll be back!

^ Train waiting

^ Practising his soccer skills online for tonight’s game

^ Chin Chin, here we come!

^ Hi Greg, hi Sophia.

^ Chin Chin nom nom nom

^ I won’t bombard you with food pictures this week, just words 😉

^ I got a new phone on Saturday and I’m in love! The new iPhone has finger print technology!!

^ Welcome home hugs from this guy.

^ Park life…