November 2, 2013

We Are Going To Africa

Posted in: Family

In a week and a half Andrew and I are going to Africa, Ghana to be more specific. I will be teaching there and Andrew will be pulling out teeth and taking care of the medical centre in Accra. We have been planning on doing this for a year and a half now and the time has almost come to leave. I have been so excited about doing this however as it is almost time to board that plane, that excitement is being taken over by nerves. I’m nervous about what awaits, whether I’m capable of teaching a class of children whose culture, way of life and way of thinking are unfamiliar to me and I’m nervous about leaving Toby. My sister Dani and her boyfriend Darren are going to look after him while we are away…I am going to miss him so much. I wish I could explain to him that we will be coming back, that we aren’t abandoning him. Dani and Darren are going to move into our apartment so Toby will still be in his familiar surroundings and Toby will continue to go to his beloved daycare every Wednesday. I’m hoping his routine will stay as it is now so that he won’t even realise we are gone!

On the 15th of November I will close my Etsy store and reopen in January when we come back. You can pop over there now if you like to purchase a Christmas Collection Neckerchief or to organise an everyday Neckercheif for your pooch’s Christmas present. I’m really looking forward to bringing back some unique fabrics from Africa that will be turned into adorable Neckercheifs.

I would be interested to hear if anyone has been to Africa before and their experiences there, if you have let us know about it in the comments below.