November 3, 2013

The Weekend That Was

Posted in: Family

We had a very non eventful weekend over here, it’s back to work tomorrow before a day off on Tuesday which this household is excited about, as I’m sure is all of Victoria. Have a great (for some, short) week.

^ Starting Saturday off with breakfast at Tall Timber before hitting the ‘gym’ which is our park.

^ Fritters for her.

^ Meatballs for him.

^ I could eat these little Marylands!

^ Hi, blue skies, you’re my favourite.

^ Toby getting the best seat in the house for watching us sweat it out.

^ ‘Well done dad, you’re doing great, five more.’

^ The best warm down, cuddles with this guy.

^ Crazy hair, don’t care! This is pretty much what all of Saturday looked liked which was pretty sad considering the gorgeous weather.

^ Toby, living the hard life.

^ Our Saturday night plans fell through so we decided to  go get ‘dirty pizzas,’ some beers and have dinner in the park, cheers to that.

^ Yes please, dad!

^ Actually, on second thoughts, maybe not.

^ Sunday morning snuggles, so grateful I get to wake up to these two souls every morning.

^ Coffee run, ‘mum, don’t forget my weak latte, no sugar!’

^ Sunday treat, double shot, large latte.

^ Sunday chores…

^ …make Toby very tired.

^ Starting to pack for Africa.

^ Wish we could take this little dude with us.

^ Sunday afternoon strolls

^ And just like that another weekend with this fluffy monster is over, hope you had a great weekend.