November 5, 2013

Buy – Christmas Cards

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I love tradition because they only occur at specific times of the year and with that we make emotional connections to those times. Probably my favourite tradition is Christmas because the whole world makes time to get together with family and friends and spends quality time with each other while eating, drinking and opening presents, of course! As we get older there is less time to catch up with family and friends and more time spent on the treadmill that is life. However, thanks to the tradition of Christmas, even though it is a super busy month, we all make time to catch up with those we love.

The people I can’t catch up with, I always send a card, saying that I’m thinking of them and make promises that both of us know we won’t be able to keep, in the new year we will make time and effort to catch up more. Haven’t we all heard those words before.

I’m sending loved ones these cards this year, how adorable are they? They are made of wood and come in a large selection of, not only Christmas cards but pretty much anything you want. There is even an option for customised cards. I’m loving this Christmas card with a pooch on it. You can have a look at Cardtorial’s Etsy store here.

Dog Holidays Card, Real Wood