November 6, 2013

Have You Got Your Tissues Ready?

Posted in: Dog

We have all seen these pictures circulating the internet but the stories behind them are heartbreaking. When I first saw these photos I quickly closed my browser, there is something so raw and heartbreaking seeing an animal in pain, physically and emotionally, I just couldn’t handle it.

This photo really gets to me, a grieving Labrador lying next to his master’s coffin at his funeral. Apparently the dog walked up to the front of the room and laid down next to him, showing his loyalty to the very end.

What about this beautiful moment between owner and dog. In this photo John is helping sooth his beloved 19 year old dog, Schoep’s deteriorating pain away. Look at Schoep’s face, I have tears in my eyes.

In Argentina, Capitán the dog went missing for a few days and was found lying in the cemetery next to his owner’s resting place. What’s amazing about this story is that his owner died in a hospital and was taken to a funeral home that was no where near where Capitán lived let alone had ever been to. Capitán found the cemetery and searched the tombstones until he found his owner. To this day, Capitán visits his owner every single day at 6pm, without fail.

To all the dogs out there, you are truly amazing.