November 10, 2013

The Weekend That Was

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The weekend started with Wine Club, Wine Club has now been going on for 4 years and we are all so proud of us for keeping it alive. Wine Club came about one night at dinner at a Spanish restaurant. It had been a few years since high school finished and we were sitting there eating and drinking and basking in each others company when one of us said, ‘Why are we not doing this more often?’ We came to the conclusion that everyone was busy with different lives. Our jobs and our partners were dragging us in other directions and we had new friends because of this and spent time with them, resulting in less time hanging out with each other. One of us then had a great idea, why don’t we create something where we have to meet once a month? We threw ideas around the table, How about book club? What about craft club? Dinner club? They were all clubs none of us wanted to be apart of. Then we thought, hang on a minute, we all love wine, why not Wine Club?! And low and behold, we have managed to met up each month for the last 4 years. On Friday we were reminiscing about how much has happened between us all in those 4 years, break ups, engagements, marriages, babies, career changes, property purchases, travels, new friends. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we can keep this tradition alive till the very end of time, cheers to that promise.

Toby was shipped to my sister’s apartment on Friday night as I was at Wine Club and Andrew had a boys night. I always feel bad leaving Toby at home on his own on a day where both Andrew and I have been working all day. Toby gets so excited to see us when we come home from work, only to then leave again for the night. Thankfully Dani and Darren love his company and are more than happy for a sleepover, so they say 😉

Toby and I spent Saturday together getting last minute Neckerchief orders in the mail, cafe trips, park trips, McDonald trips and a movie night. While Sunday was spent saying, ‘see you next year’ to our families. I can’t believe this is our last weekend with our fur son. We are going to miss him like crazy, but we are also excited about the adventure we are about to embark on and we are SUPER excited to get back home and have a massive cuddle session with the Wigglebottom. I hope you had a great weekend and I hope the rest of your weekends this year are pretty awesome too.

^ Cheers

^ How Wine Club works is, each month someone different hosts it and decided on a region of wine to taste. We all  bring a bottle from that region, cover it in aluminum foil (so no one knows what kind of wine it is) and then we blind test each one. We all have a sheet of paper with the headings smell, taste, after taste and overall score. After each glass, we critic the wine (we do well with the first wine and then after that we just score it!) and once the last wine has been tasted and rated, we add up the scores and revile the winning wine. The person who brings the winning wine gets a pat on the back!

Nov9th1^ We missed you Jen and Caz.

^ Saturday morning was lovely, I was the only soul at home with Andrew sleeping over at his friend’s house and Toby at my sisters’. I had breakfast in bed without any disturbances and blogged.

^ The fur ball is back home and exhausted. I really hate being at home without him, the apartment feels so empty and lifeless without this little character.

^ Toby and I decided to go out and have a second breakfast, coffee and mushroom burgers. While we were there we bumped into Toby’s Daycare lady, Jane and her fur daughter Spice. We had a bit of a chat and I found out that Jane shares her coffee froth each Wednesday with Toby when he is with her for daycare.

^ We then went to the park and bumped into Jane and Spice again. Spice is Toby’s best daycare friend. They get up to all sorts of silly things together.

^ Park friends

^ Oh, what have you there?

^ There are only 2 occasions that we have McDonalds, on McHappy Day and when we are at the airport catching an overseas flight.

Santa's Helper Toby^ We sold out of the Santa’s Helpers Necercheif last week however had requests for more. There is only a limited supply, if you’re interested you can head to our Etsy store.

^ You can order this neckercheif here.

^ Sunday morning was spent running around getting last minute things for Africa. We made a quick stop at the bookstore to see what the Lonely Planet has to say about Ghana (we probably should have done it earlier!) and it was all fantastic news, getting super excited now!!

^ For lunch Andrew’s mum came over with her fur children. As you can see Razz was pretty happy about that.

^ “Yum, Vietnamese Rolls and there are 3, one must be for me!”

^ A family portrait of these three musketeers, don’t they look cute together!

^ Razz: “Toby would you like a kiss?”

^ Razz: “These portraits are all pretty similar, I think we should mix it up a bit…”

^ Razz: “…how about this?”

^ “How about another kiss, Toby?!”

^ “Don’t worry Pip, you can have a kiss too.”

^ “OK Razz, seriously, enough with the kisses already!”

^ “Wow, that dessert is pretty large, I’m sure that’s meant for me too!”

^ Andrew: “Yeah, this isn’t strange at all.”

^ I could kiss this hairy face all day long!

^ Having dinner with our cousins, thanks for the African Survival Box

^ Andrew and Jasper saying goodbye