January 13, 2014

How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Heat

Posted in: Dog

It’s going to be a scorcher here in Melbourne today and the temperature will continue to stay in the 40s until Saturday. The best place on days like these is a shopping centre where you can make use of their icy cold air cons and forget about the heat wave going on outside. Unfortunately, on days like today, those that suffer most are the animals. Luckily for Toby, I’m still on holidays and we will stay locked up inside with the air con blasting.

Here are some things you can do to help your dog stay cool this summer:


– Make sure you walk your dog early in the morning, late afternoon or evening when the temperature is much more tolerable. Dogs really suffer in the heat and their paws burn on the hot pavement, they shouldn’t be outside walking during any part of the day where the heat is too intense.


– If your dog can’t stay inside, make sure they have adequate shading and soak a towel in cold water and leave it on the floor for them to lie on. If you have a portable fan, plug it outside and leave it on for your pooch.


– Have plenty of water out for your dog to hydrate during the day. Pop some ice cubes in their water bowl and if your dog is staying outside for the day make sure the water is in the shade.  Some people leave kiddy pools out for their dog, it’s wise to not leave dogs unattended around them because they can drown. If your dog needs some relief, spray them with water, not just the top of them put also their paws and belly.


– When your pooch pants it is their way of telling you, ‘I’m hot!’ Monitor your dog by keeping an eye out for signs that they are suffering from heat exhaustion which include heavy panting, drooling, acting weak and increased heart rate.


– Don’t get your dog clipped in summer as it won’t protect them from the sun. Longer coats act as an insulator and keep your dog cool. Dogs with lighter colour hair are more susceptible to skin cancer, having long hair protects them from harmful UV rays.


– And this one is a no brainier, don’t ever leave your dog in the car on hot days, that’s called animal cruelty and most likely ends in fatality.


– Go to the beach and stay cool people and pooches!