January 26, 2014

The Weekend That Was

Posted in: Family

The Weekend That Was is back for 2014 and I have included the only photos I have from Andrew’s 30th last week. I took my camera with me, with the intention to take photos all day but stopped after 5 minutes because I just wanted to catch up with everyone after Africa and not be behind the lens. As a result I took photos of hardly anyone and am regretting not making the effort to keep the camera in my hand and bug people for a photo. Andrew had his birthday at The Emerson, it is our new favourite place in Melbourne, the Rooftop Bar there is stunning. As my friend said, ‘This is what I imagine heaven to be like!’ It was such a fun day and night, just wish I had way more snaps.

We started this weekend off with park trips, making Vietnamese salads, drinking coffee, visiting friends and ending it with home made pizza and movies. Sunday was Australia Day, as I get older and see more of the world I am so grateful that I live in such an amazing country. I’m so thankful for my parents who were brave enough to sacrifice everything they had and take the risk, moving countries to Australia in the hope for a better life, better opportunities and better possibilities for us kids. I wouldn’t want to call any other place in the world home but this place, we are the lucky ones.

Hope you all day a wonderful weekend.

jan2^ Happy Birthday, my love!










jan15^ Hi, welcome to my park!

jan14^ This boy loves his sticks.


jan19^ The best furry encourager going round, ‘Good work dad, keep it up!’

jan16^ Yay, exercise over and done with for another day.

jan43^ A family that works out together, stays together! 😉

jan31^ There’s a mouse in the park.


jan13^ Post workout rewards. Market Lane, you need to update your coffee cups.


jan11^ Home made Vietnamese salad for lunch with grilled beef.

jan32^ Catch ups with Lucy and Missy. It has been 2 years now and we still can’t manage to get a decent photo of all of us together. It will happen, one day.

jan39^ Afternoon naps for Mr. Wigglebottom.

jan21^ Ingredients for vegetarian homemade pizza.

jan22^ Making pizza dough.



jan25^ Ready for the oven, broccoli, pumpkin, mushroom, chillies, salt and pepper. Yum!

jan26^’I’m hoping one slice is for me.’

jan37^ Starting Australia Day off with Toby’s favourite place in Australia, the park.




jan29^ Sunday morning breakfasts with my sister from another mister!


bread^ We spent Australia Day at our cousin’s ‘We’re Moving’ Australia Day party.

jan33^ Toby enjoying good company and good conversations.

jan35^ My cousin Kat will look after your baby for free, whenever you want. There isn’t a more baby loving person going round.

jan34^ Cousins, Toby and Jasper, pretty cute, hey?!

jan36^ Ending Australia Day watching the Australian Grand Open mens finals, go Nadal! Happy Australia Day!