January 28, 2014

An Interview

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This week we interview Samin Todd who is a new mum to the most beautiful little fur ball, Louis. We ask her what made her decide to get a cavoodle, what Louis has brought into her home in the one week he has been there, the challenges she is facing and what kind of dog she hopes Louis will turn into.

1. Firstly, how would you describe Louis?

Louis is such an innocent little boy. The past week that we have had Louis at home, I have realised how sweet and loving he is. He is shy whenever he meets anyone, but if anyone gives him that little bit more time to get his attention, he will instantly wag his tail uncontrollably and kiss them. I sometimes forget that he is only 12 weeks old. He has only had 12 weeks of existence on earth. Everything is a new experience. Every dog, every human, every sound, every texture is new to him and he has to figure out how to react towards them all, and his reaction is always so sweet and innocent. He now most definitely knows I am mum, when I am home and if I leave the room for a few minutes, he will cry until he hears my voice so that he knows I am close by.

 2. What made you decide to get a puppy?

Toby Wigglebottom!! About a year and a half ago I came across Toby Wigglebottom’s Instagram page. I immediately fell in love with Toby and how adorable every.single. puppy photo of him was. I would always print screen photos of Toby on my phone and send it to my husband and comment on how much I loved Toby. It became a daily habit. I witnessed Toby’s popularity grow at such a fast pace and I was so excited that photos were continually streaming through my Instagram feed. I was obsessed with Toby, yet I had no idea what breed Toby was so I would put Toby’s physical description in the Google search engine to somehow find out what breed Toby was (oh dear! I could have just asked…). I have always, always been a puppy/dog person and I have always grown up with dogs, so naturally I get overly excited over photos of a puppy or dog. I have always had Pomeranians growing up and my husband grew up with a Labrador, but Toby was different because I have never been so attached to a dog before like I was with Toby. In February 2012 my husband and I got married, and as soon as we got married we were on a hunt for a puppy and we promised each other that we would only get a puppy from an Australian registered breeder and be patient with the process so that we were well prepared. We researched the Cavoodle breed for months, watched various YouTube clips on home videos of Cavoodles and their owners, and asked our local vet what they thought about Cavoodles. The amount of positive comments was a huge confirmation that we were choosing the right breed for us. In October 2013 I found a breeder from NSW, Warratah Park Puppies, and I called the breeder straight away asking if she had any puppy litters available, she told me she had a litter that were 2 weeks old and she had a few apricot coloured male puppies available. We knew we had to pick our puppy at a very young age without really knowing how he would look like, but we went with our instinct and chose the puppy with the ‘purple collar’. Knowing we had to wait roughly 9 weeks was the hardest part but it has been one of the most wonderful highlights in our marriage so far.

3. What have you found to be the best part of having a new puppy in your life?

Louis, like any other puppy, gives us an unlimited amount of love and joy. Josh (my husband) and I have always wanted a puppy/dog to be a part of our lives since we have both grown up with them as pets. The best thing about having a new puppy in our life is that I truly believe they bring a whole new element of happiness and joy to everyday life. The positives outweigh all the other nitty gritty responsibilities like training them, cleaning up after them, early mornings etc. I have a feeling that people that haven’t been raised with a pet may not understand, but I completely believe that they bring a heightened level of positivity into the home that is inexpressible. We have only had Louis for a week and Josh and I can already sense the difference. When Josh comes home from a long day at work, he has this extra amount of energy knowing he is going to see Louis. He makes Josh and I enjoy the outdoors more often together, he allows us to be selfless and pay our attention to Louis’ comfort and healthy upbringing. Saying this, we don’t have a child yet, so for us, Louis is like our little baby, which we are really learning to care for and also how to work as a couple to raise him equally to the best of our ability. The best part is definitely the amount of joy and unconditional love Louis gives to both Josh and I, and definitely every other person in which he meets.

4. What are some challenges you are facing or what are you worried about in the future about raising a puppy?

Apart from being attentive on all the training required for a puppy, sometimes my mind wonders off to the next 11 years with Louis. I am learning to take one day at a time, and really try to focus on the present. I think sometimes when I think too much into the future, especially the thought of “we are going to have Louis for at least the next 11 years…” it really scares me because I think of all the different things that could happen in the next 11 years and how would Louis fit into our lives. I am constantly reminding myself to think of the immediate condition and am hoping that when any situation arises, we will work through it when it comes and things will work out naturally. I am reminding myself not to over-think or complicate a situation when a test hasn’t even occurred. Louis is already very much a part of our family and we will always have him with us no matter what situation we find ourselves in.

5. What kind of dog do you hope Louis to turn into?

I hope Louis grows up to be a kind, gentle dog, easily adaptable to any situation or environment. I want him to be kind and gentle so he is trusted around our children in the future and any other child. I want him to be a source of comfort and joy in the home, a source of unconditional love and happiness.