February 2, 2014

The Weekend That Was

Posted in: Family

Andrew is moving to Adelaide in one and a half weeks (a post about that to come) and next weekend is going to be a bit of a busy, busy weekend so this weekend we kept it low key and just enjoyed spending time hanging around our neighbourhood. I love where we live, we have never loved a place more than this corner of the world, everything we could ever possibly want or need is right at our door step. Over breakfast on Saturday, Andrew spoke about how much he loves it here and how hard he is going to miss it.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and have a great week.

jan3119^ Starting the weekend off at Oscar Cooper.


jan3121^ “I would like a strong doggy latte, no sugar.”



jan3123^ “Dad, do you want some kisses for breakfast?” This little boy is going to miss his dad when he leaves.


jan311^ After breakfast comes…park time!



jan3115^ The biggest sun smart dog going round.




jan3126^ It’s hard to see in this photo but Toby’s beard area is a mess, I don’t know how in 35 degree heat he can manage to get some part of his face dirty/muddy. For once Toby, come home clean.

jan3130^ Vietnamese rolls and iced coffee for lunch.



jan3134^ Toby cooling off in the fountains as it was a warm weekend, so over this weather. Anything over 30 degrees just isn’t my cup of tea.


jan3140^ Too much fun in the sun equals an exhausted Toby.

jan3128^ Found my wedding earrings, thought I had lost them!


jan3141^ Toby helping me cook dinner, this boy is so curious over everything, he will stay in my arms and watch me stir, cut, open, you name it.


jan3160^ On Sunday we went to the Melbourne Now exhibition.


jan3163^ Mirrors, the only way we can get a photo together.


jan3165^ Yeah, so do I.

jan3158^ This was my favourite, a room made out of icing and cake!

jan3159^ The rug, made out of icing.

jan31st80^ Everything you see here, except the table and chair, is made out of cake and icing. Look at that beer bottle, the lighter, the rug, all icing!



jan3152^ Lunch at our favourite restaurant.


jan3175^ For my last ever meal, I want everything on the other side of this menu.

jan3150^ We also checked out the Chinese New Year celebrations and Andrew made a friend.


jan3151^ The crowd that was up in the car park watching the parade was more impressive than the parade.

jan3156^ Blue skies, no clouds, my fav.

jan3169^ Coming home to hugs from this little guy.jan3171^ It was still 34 degrees at 8.30pm when we went to the park. We drove there and walked around on the grass only so Toby’s paws didn’t burn on the pavement. We sat and rested and watched the sun start to set, wishing the weekend wasn’t over.


jan3181^ I could kiss this curly face all day.

jan3183^ Ending the weekend in the worst possible way for Toby, a shower.

jan3170^ “What? The weekend is over already?” Toby can’t believe it. Either can I, buddy.