February 9, 2014

The Weekend That Was

Posted in: Family

The last The Weekend That Was before Andrew moves to Adelaide on Thursday and our new life begins. We both can’t believe it’s happening, it will hit Andrew on Friday morning when he becomes a uni student again and it will hit me on Thursday night when I come home from work and Andrew won’t be there. Crazy. Anyway, this weekend was fun, it was hot, that part wasn’t much fun but at least it made us go to the beach and cool down. On Saturday Andrew and I celebrated our 14 year anniversary of being together. That’s such a long time which has gone so quickly, so much has happened in those years. We were still children when we got together and have pretty much grown up together, we have been each others greatest teachers, motivators and supporters and we have helped each other get to the point in our lives we are today. Out of everything we have accomplished, our relationship is the thing I am most proud of. It’s a good one, Andrew is a good one, I love him so.

Hope you had a great weekend and have a great week.

8Feb1^ Starting the weekend off with take away coffee to take to the park.

8Feb2^ Hi Park!

8Feb3^ Not sure who is more excited to be here.

8Feb6^ Off to get some slurppee before we hit the beach.


8Feb8^ How gorgeous are these.


8Feb11^ I love our backyard, I mean, come on!

8Feb12^ See what I mean.

8Feb13^ Toby loves the beach, loves it. However, it takes him such a long time to warm up and finally get in and stay in.

8Feb14^ Andrew trying to encourage Toby to get in.


8Feb16^ Toby contemplating getting in.

8Feb17^ Come on, you can do it little dude.

8Feb18^ Success! This photo cracks me up, this is exactly what he look like all the time when he is swimming. He really isn’t a graceful or confident swimmer. He will breath so heavily out of his nose, his mouth is always shut tight and he paddles like crazy until he reaches Andrew and I and holds on to our legs for dear life. It’s so adorable.

8Feb19  8Feb20^ Confidence is rising, going out on his own to fetch his ball.


8Feb22^ After swim treats.

8Feb23^ Ever since we started going out, on our anniversary we find a photo booth and get some photos. I love this tradition. After this we went and had dinner at Maha.


8Feb48^ Another one to add to the collection.

8Feb26^ Coming home to this one who wasn’t impressed me celebrated without him.

8Feb43^ Sunday breakfast with Dani and Darren at Dukes.

8Feb44^ Is this the prettiest breakfast you have ever seen?



8Feb30^ Spending the afternoon with friends and their fur balls. This is beautiful Mia.

8feb49^ Remember beautiful Ruby?

8Feb31^ This is not so beautiful Toby enjoying a muddy stick.

8Feb32^ Lunch time!



8Feb36^ Ruby and Toby, lovers reunited.

8Feb37^ Hugging it out!

8Feb38^ Too much excitement for one day for Ruby.


8Feb47^ Andrew’s goodbye cards to his bosses, they don’t really make sense but ice cream isn’t good for your teeth and Andrew and his bosses work in the teeth industry…so, yeah.

8Feb40^ A very tired Toby Bear after a busy weekend.

8Feb41^ Dinner, Vietnamese salad made by Andrew. I am going to miss Andrew’s amazing cooking, no one comes close to his cooking skills.

8Feb42^ Ending the weekend with Andrew trying to teach Toby to play the guitar, I can smell a YouTube hit.