February 11, 2014

What Do You Love Most About Your Fur Ball?

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There are so many things I love about Toby, I don’t really know where to start. If I had to quickly pick one, it would be his hugs, the way he tries to put his paws around my neck and clings on to me like a koala…love! Last week we asked the question on Instagram and Facebook, What do you love most about your fur ball. Here are the responses.

I love it when I’m sad, my maltese-shitzhu, Posy will come and sit with me and give me kisses! @gina_wise

Mum loves it when in the morning I demand my cuddles, I crawl up to her neck and my head fits pawfect on her shoulders and neck, her arms wrapped around me nicely. @charliemaxi1st

I love it when my pootiepie gives me his paw (he’s left pawed) to pet and kiss and tell him how handsome he is. @rawr4032

I love it when my cavoodle’s tail is always wagging and she gets super excited whenever she sees me. @emmafurness12

The best thing about my fur ball is that when I’ve had a bad day or it’s been stressful at work, I can come home and within minutes I’m laughing and smiling. Best therapy ever. @jessicat1511

I love that when I get home from work he is always there with a wagging tail and a smile to greet me. Or when my mum is sitting on the lounge and he gives her a lick attack to the face, it always ends in laughter. @messicaa

Gracie loves everyone. @gdoodle6

I love that wherever I am in the house or garden and whatever I am doing, out Maltese Shihtzu named Posy will come and sit or lie beside me just to keep me company. I know it’s her way of showing me she loves me and wants to be with me. @fwise50

I love how much Luna smiles! And how she does her happy dance when we come home from being away. Luna has changed me and made me a better person. @doodlemama66

I love how excited Harry is when I come home. No matter what, he always bounds right up and is so absolutely beside himself that I’m home again. What a welcome. @maddiemccomas

I love when he growls and whines at me to give him love and cuddles, regardless of my mood. I can’t stay in a bad mood when he asks for constant love. @danskiez

I love how happy she is to see me when I get home and also how she snuggles close to me early in the morning and gives me kisses before we get up for the day. @maddyandmama

What’s not to love about dogs? Got a dog, got a friend for life! @cavoodlebrothers

Mum loves the way I greet her when she has left me at home by my self I give her lots of excited licks. @miley50

When you haven’t seen each other for 5 minutes and it’s like you haven’t seen each other in 5 hours!! @cocobridie

I love how Sadie comes and puts her head on my legs when I’m sitting on the couch. She just lies there looking up at me. Plus she is the best reason to come home ever! @bakkakus

Whether we are out for 5 mins or 5 hours, they are always super excited to see us when we walk in the door. Completely unconditional love from them. @fasicari

I love this special moment just between us two in the morning when she snuggled close to me with her head on my head (and a little paw) it means it’s time for the morning cuddles and kisses. @holleethecavalier

I love when my Leo boy greets me when I come home with a wiggly dance and lots of kisses. @cherylovesleo

My baby always wants cuddles and is snuggling into your arm until you let him curl up in your lap and then cuddle him as he falls asleep. @_euladaviss

That he loves with his whole being. @lissied_nyc

Mummy agrees with the 5mins or 5 hrs greeting and morning cuddles were I lay on mummy’s belly helping her to wake up with lots of kisses! @cherry_the_cavoodle

Charlie my cavoodle climbs into our bed when my boyfriend gets up early to train. I love spooning him and stroking his furry ears until we both start snoring! He’s my baby boy. @leighdyer

I love his patience. If only every male could take a leaf from his book! He doesn’t complain and he doesn’t feel embarrassed, he just takes it as it comes. He makes me smile and even loves my worst side. Could you find a better man to live with? @thedogtex

I love that my furbaby is always ecstatic to see me and when he is tired all he wants is to jump on my lap for a cuddle and a snooze! They have so much love and trust in us, dogs are such a perfect example of a selfless expression of love. I can’t imagine my life without him in it. @kirra_Jayne

I love how he never fails to make me smile. @london424

That he might not be the cleverest, nor the most obedient dog in the world but he is the most loveable boy and he loves us back unconditionally. @deeganthesilkytzuplus2

I love how my little fur ball continually showers my husband and I with unconditional joy!! @samin_todd

I love how excited my fur ball is to see me and how he follows me everywhere. As soon as I open my eyes in the morning my fur ball is waiting to show me how much he loves me. @lizone59

I love how she does the face and rests her chin on me when she wants me to keep playing fetch. @donnz_

My little cavoodle Ivy wakes up early and pokes me in the arm so that I wake up and put her in bed with us. Our other dog Cosi hears, then jumps up too. Every morning there are 4 of us in bed. @susiemangion

I love it when my furball Donut comes joins me and her dad every time we cuddle. She doesn’t want to be left behind. @siriss

Honey is my homie. She teaches me to appreciate the small things like exuberant greetings, people’s company, fresh air and sweet naps. @nikiirenee

I love how Meg gets into our bed put her head on the pillow and her body under the duvet and she loves to have a cuddle. @gemgemz7

I love how when Zo crosses her paws. @lc_fain

I love that no matter what, good day or bad my little Lewie is always there for a snuggle and a kiss. He’s been with me through a lot, and we recelently lost our friend Shadow and even though he was mourning his he still was there by my side. Now we have a new addition, Mollee and he’s back to his playful self, and that makes my heart happy. He’s a little buddy and now he has a sidekick. Dogs aren’t just pets, they are family. @tr4c33

I love when Phinny acts like a baby and snugs into the perfect position on my hip and then makes his hands go limp. @emoyer25

I love it when my fur ball tilts his head…just too cute. @sparkle_accessories

I love her company. I love that even if she is snoozing all day, I still know she is there. @phoebebaker92

I love Wolfie’s commando crawling on the carpet in the mornings. He’s never grown out of it and I find it so comical. @elle_skye

There are lots and lots! But my main one for Eddie is her high pitched squeak when she yawns. My favourite thing about Cress is he always knows if anyone in the house is a bit upset (even the cats) and seeks them out to give them some extra attention. @puppy_tales

How excited I get when I see her, even if she’s only been gone a few minutes! @Cody B Bear

Mello’s kisses in the morning! She literally whimpers with joy when I pick her up and her entire body shakes with excitement while she smothers my face with little licks! Its the sweetest, best thing to wake up to in the morning! Also when she sleeps she suckles like she’s feeding from her mum, its sooo cute! Too many things to list! @Jessica Hender

I’m her real life teddy bear. @Jet Cavoodle

There’s too many! My favourite thing about Kate is when she gets excited about anything she ‘bugles’ and sounds like Chewbacca! Too cute! @Dog Adventures

When Maisy finds me when I’m locked in my room and she scratches at the door to come in. She then cuddles up with me on the bed. If anyone tries to take her she growls at them. @Terri McGregor Rees