February 16, 2014

The Weekend That Was

Posted in: Family

Andrew left for Adelaide on Thursday morning, as we said bye I went to work making a conscious effort not to think about the journey in front of us or the fact that Andrew was no longer in Melbourne. I was fine until I came home from work and found a note he left for me on the kitchen table. Then I was sad. But it’s fine, I’m fine, he’s fine and I am happy that all this has finally started. Like most things in life, the anticipation is worse then it actually happening. Andrew had his first day of uni on Friday and was extremely happy that he wasn’t the oldest person there. There are about 10 people who are older than Andrew. One man starting medicine is 41 and has 3 children, how amazing is that!

Tonight I was talking to a regular at the dog park who is from Brazil, telling him about Andrew and this 41 year old man and he said, ‘This is such an amazing country, you can start your life over whenever you want, regardless of age. You could never do that in Brazil.’ It’s so true, we can all start over whenever we want, every single day is a new day, a day to change the course of our lives, to break old habits and form new ones, to be kinder, to slow down, to be more adventurous, to be happy. A new day equals new possibilities.

Hope you had a great weekend, have an even greater week.

15Feb51^ The note.

15Feb53^ This was my Valentines Date on Friday night, I’m one lucky lady.

15Feb20^ Hi Saturday.

15Feb8^ On the weekends I let Toby lick the froth off the lid of my coffee, he loves it.


15Feb30^ Cooking at Aunty Dani and Uncle Darren’s apartment with Toby’s new friend, Rosie.

15Feb31^ Cuddles with Aunty Dani.

15Feb32^ Darren is pretty chuffed that Toby is into the NBA as much as he is.

15Feb33“Hey Uncle Darren, check out the action on the court!”






green^ “Ok Toby, fetch your new friend, Rosie!”

15Feb35^ “Oh my, I have thrown Rosie off the rooftop of our building!”

15Feb50^ Phew, she survived the 10 story fall.

15Feb11^ Catching up with these babes.

15Feb10^ Maryam made a new friend while we were out.

15Feb12^ Someone is happy about a BBQ dinner at Missy’s house!

15Feb13^ “Hi Ben, I hope you have some sausages on the BBQ for me, two is fine, thanks.”

15Feb14^ These two go to the same hair dresser.


15Feb16^ Someone is ready for dinner.


15Feb28^ Dessert, YUM!

15Feb18^ Bed time for Toby and his new love, Rosie.

15Feb21^ Morning, Sunday!






15Feb38^ “Rosie, do you know I really love you?”

15Feb40^ Our cousins were moving houses over the weekend so Jasper spent Sunday with us.

15Feb41^ Snuggles. Whenever there is another dog in our apartment, Toby is so affectionate and clingy with me, he won’t leave my side. As soon as the dog (whoever it may be, besides Ruby) leaves, Toby doesn’t care too much for me any more.


15Feb46^ See, he never does this.



15Feb48^ And just like that, another weekend, done and dusted.