February 20, 2014

An Interview

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Someone I follow on Instagram, @fannyrubioa, who lives in Spain always posts the most hauntingly beautiful photos of what I thought were all her dogs. Because her Instagram captions are in Spanish, I never knew the bittersweet story behind the stunning photos of these magnificent Greyhounds. A few weeks ago I contacted her to see if I could interview her and share her photos on the blog. She gave me a bittersweet story of how her beloved Lápiz came into her life and the story behind the other dogs I see in my feed.

Here is her story.

I am Spanish, and here in Spain, dogs generally don´t have a good life, especially those that are used for hunting such as Greyhounds. There is a big problem with Greyhounds and their owners who are generally hunters. When the hunters feel that their dog is no longer at its peak the owners abandon them, mistreat them or even end their life. This happens more or less when the animal is about 2 years old.

For this reason, in Spain there are animal welfare organizations and associations concerned with the rescue of these dogs. These organisations include Galgoastur www.galgoastur.com, APANOT www.apanot.es, Galgos112 www.galgos112.com. Many of these associations work as dog shelters. The shelters help the dogs lose many fears they face from being mistreated, and ultimately, take care of them until a family adopts them.

My dog, Lápiz, (the white and grey dog from the pictures) is a Spanish Greyhound, this is one of the breeds which is used for hunting in many Spanish regions. He was adopted by us two years ago. He is 4 years old now, and I don’t have the words to explain the happiness the decision to bring him into our home has brought. He is a fantastic dog, he is kind, loving, obedient, respectful, I can not say anything negative about him. His favourite hobbies are running with his friends on the beach or in the countryside, sunbathing and sharing a bed with us. He loves balls and small toys that don´t weigh too much, he loves it when we throw them for him and he runs for them.

The Spanish Greyhounds are generally very calm and loving dogs, they run very fast and people tend to believe that they need a lot of space in the house to live comfortably, but it´s not true. Despite their amazing ability to run, they spend the most of the day sleeping.

In addition to our dog, sometimes we provide shelter for other dogs. This is, for example, the case of Pipa (the brown Spanish greyhound who appears in some pictures). Pipa spent two months in our house until the organisation found a family for her. She was saved by Galgoastur.

The brown Podenco who appears in a picture is a dog who is looking for a family, he is a kind dog who is now staying at a friend’s house until he finds a home. He was saved by APANOT and his name is Pok. Do you want to be his family forever? If you live in Spain, please contact me through the comment section of this post.

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