March 2, 2014

The Weekend That Was

Posted in: Family

As the weeks are rolling by, I am starting to miss Andrew. There are obviously bad things about a long distance relationship but there are also good things about it. This is our second go at a relationship from afar, the last one was more intense where we were living apart for 5 years. Because we got through that, this 1 year apart thing doesn’t seem so bad. Anyway, one of the good things about living apart is allowing yourself to miss each other, deeply. Sometimes it gets so much, you can’t take it anymore. Then when you think you can’t handle it for even one more second, the count down begins to being reunited and you’ve marked the day in red pen on your calender and have drawn a circle around it a million times, as if there is a possibility of you forgetting the day. As the date gets closer and closer, you can’t think or concentrate on much else but finally getting to see each other. You have that extra bounce in your step and sparkle in your eye. And then the day comes and it’s better than Christmas. That is what’s happening in this household at the moment, we are counting down the days until Friday, when Andrew comes down for 3 days, we are getting  excited and ready for Christmas!

Hope your weekend was awesome. Have a great week.

1March7^ Toby and I woke up crazy early on Saturday, 6.30. Luckily for me, Market Lane opens at 7 so we got an early coffee and had an early play in the park.



1March^ Snuggles and camomile tea on the couch.

1March32^ This early riser is now ready for bed again and it isn’t even 10am.

1March33^ Lunch with this dude.

1March34^ Mum how am I supposed to eat this egg without a spoon?


1March41^ Grabbing more coffee to take to our afternoon play in the park.


1March9^ Toby with his toy he brought to the park to play with his friends.

1March11^ Toby also brought some Peanut Butter and Bacon treats to share with this friends.

1March14^ Friends, where are you?

1March15^ Oh my, I think I can see my best friend, Spice coming.

1March16^ Spice





1March3^ Testing out my Saturday night dress up gear. Who wore it better? Toby or…

toby1^ …me?

1March43^ Waking up on a Sunday next to this hairy monster.

1march46^ Hi, coffee!

BowTieBillyBob3^ Toby modelling our new Bow Ties, all of them are $4.99.


1March67^ Sunday afternoon with Toby’s favourite blonde aunty.


1March69^ Toby’s cousin, Missy.


1March71^ I’ll have it all, thanks.


icecream^ We get excited over this stuff.



1March75^ Sunday wind down cuddles…

1March76^ … and kisses. We are looking forward to sharing this couch with Andrew next Sunday.