March 4, 2014


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When I started this blog I never imagined people to really care about it or to frequently visit. But people do care and people do pop by and I love that, I’m pretty chuffed that there is something on this blog that entices people to come back to check out new posts or to ask questions. Sometimes, people become interested in something I have blogged or something I have said and will email me with a question about it. Now, this is nothing to write home about but I get about 2 – 3 emails a week asking questions about something I have written on here and sometimes I can get asked the same question multiple times.

One question that seems to come up a bit is, How do you have time to blog and make neckerchiefs when you have a full time job? For those who want a quick answer, I don’t watch TV nor do I have kids, I hear they take up a lot of time. For those who want the long answer, here we go…

About a year and a half ago, while I was watching TV, Andrew said, ‘I can’t believe you watch this garbage, don’t you feel guilty wasting your time?’ I responded with, ‘Er, no!’ He then set me a challenge, ‘Don’t watch TV for a week, I bet you can’t do it.’ Andrew knows which buttons to push because him telling me I can’t do something usually results in me doing it just to show him I can. Anyway, I completed the challenge and I found that I really enjoyed having so much more time on my hands, it was very liberating. All of a sudden I wasn’t planning my evenings around TV shows, I wasn’t ending up turning the TV off at 9pm and then madly dashing around getting things organised and ready for the next day.

During that week I felt relaxed but I also wondered, OK, now what do I do with all this spare time? At this stage I wasn’t making Neckerchiefs nor was I blogging. The apartment was spotless every day, my walks with Toby in the evening lasted longer and I was able to become more creative making dinner meals.

A few months passed before I noticed that we hadn’t touched our TV for a long time, I didn’t even know where the remote was. It felt so good to no longer be a slave to that thing. Because I no longer had TV in my life, when making Neckerchiefs and blogging started, I had plenty or time and still do, to spend on them.

Making Neckerchiefs and blogging has replaced what I once used TV for, escaping the daily grind. Now when I turn the TV on (which I have done maybe 2 or 3 times in the last year and a half), it irritates me and I get impatient with shows dragging a story that could be told in 15 seconds or the loud ads screaming for you to hand over your money.

So, to answer that question, I don’t watch TV and that gives me something we just don’t have enough of, time. TV actually sucks the life out of you, it prevents you from becoming the person you are capable of, I really believe that. Here’s a challenge for you, don’t watch TV for a week, see what happens.

^ When I get my coffee from Hobba I am always greeted with this massive green poster of awesome sentences. One of those awesome sentences is, ‘If you don’t have enough time, stop watching TV.’

Etsy2^ The start of my little Neckerchief adventure