April 8, 2014


Posted in: Family

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This morning as the 3 of us were having breakfast, Andrew said, ‘What are the chances of you moving to Adelaide this year?’ I replied, ‘Zero.’ As much as I miss Andrew, especially on the weekends, I am extremely happy in Melbourne and extremely content and I want those two things to last for as long as possible. I love my job, love it. I forget I get paid for it, I get so much satisfaction and fulfillment out of it, it’s ridiculous. Obviously I can get a teaching position here, but it won’t be the same. ‘How do you know it wont be the same? You haven’t even tried it yet,’ says Andrew. I’m content and I have no desire to seek change.

That’s another difference between Andrew and I. Andrew never wants to be content. For him, content means not progressing in life, not allowing yourself to achieve more, not getting the most out of life. He achieves something or arrives at a destination in life that he has been working towards and he doesn’t sit down and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Straight away he needs to do something new, needs something else to work towards as soon as possible.

‘Aren’t you excited that me doing medicine is going to take us all over Australia? You’ll get to see so many different place!’ No, that’s not exciting for me. I have no desire to live in country towns across Australia, a sense of suffocation takes over me just thinking about it. As Andrew was packing up his breakfast and getting ready to leave for uni, I said,  ‘How about you do your Rounds in places like New York, Brazil, Berlin, then I might show some excitement.’ ‘You know what, I’ll look into that, I’m sure it’s possible.’

With Andrew, everything is possible.