April 9, 2014

Doggy Easter Bunnies

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Want to spoil your pooch this Easter? It is pretty easy to do with this recipe. This is by far the most straight forward and time friendly concoction I have made for Toby, not to mention, it’s probably Toby’s favourite home made treat thus far. All you need to think about is what your pooch likes to eat, put it in a mould and freeze it.

Toby loves yoghurt and muesli, carrot juice and cheese, so that’s what I used to make these Easter Bunnies for him.

The first Easter Bunny I made was a Yoghurt & Muesli one. I mixed vanilla yoghurt and muesli (sultana free, grapes in any form are poisonous to dogs) together in a bowl and then poured the mixture into the mould and popped it into the frezzer.

The next one I made was a Carrot Juice Bunny. I just poured the carrot juice into the mould and again, popped it into the frezzer to set.

The last one I made was a Water and Cheese Bunny. I just poured tap water into the mould and sprinkled some grated cheese into it and you guessed it, popped it into the freezer.

Easy! Let your imagination run wild with what ingredients you want to use. Peanut butter and bacon, frozen berries and water, mashed sweet potato….





EasterBunnies3Nice one mum, these are delisious. Can’t wait to reach all the cheese.

EasterBunnies5Yum, yoghurt and muesli, that’s a nice one too.