April 9, 2014


Posted in: Family


Andrew: ‘Toby, did you know you are the best dog? Who’s better than you?’

Me: ‘No one is better than you, Toby!”

Andrew: ‘And do you know who chose you? Me. The reason you’re here is me. Your mum didn’t want you, she wanted your sister.’

Me: ‘When are you ever going to drop that? We get it, you chose Toby, you did well. Clap, clap.’

Andrew: ‘Toby, tell your mother I’ll never drop it.’

Me: ‘Toby, tell your father that he is running late, he needs to go to uni to learn how to take people’s blood pressure.”

Andrew: ‘Toby, I’m going to take everyone’s blood pressure tonight, even yours.’

Me: ‘Do you think normal people have conversations like this?’

Andrew: ‘Yeah, probably not. I gotta go, I’m running late.’