April 10, 2014


Posted in: Family

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Besides a few sentences in the morning and a few in the evening, Andrew and I haven’t yet had a chance to hang out properly. He is off to uni early and comes home pretty late, eats dinner, studies, goes to bed and does it all over again the next day. On Saturday he will be working all day and on Sunday we’re moving out of our friend’s place.

This week my days have be filled with hanging out with Toby waiting for Andrew or our friends to come home late at night. I could easily go down the mind set of, this is boring, I’m not doing anything, I need a good cup of coffee! Or I could go down the path of, this is rare, enjoy this piece and quiet, not having any responsibilities or commitments and just be. I have decided to do the latter because I know future me will be back at work, getting up early, clock watching, not having enough time to do everything I want and I’ll be wishing that I just lived in the moment and appreciated doing nothing in Adelaide.

Today, as always, Toby and I will be relaxing, hanging out, not doing too much, waiting for Andrew to come home. Andrew and I have decided on Saturday night we are going on a date. We will do the whole restaurant, movies, dessert thing. We are looking forward to it, just hanging out, catching up and having a laugh. I’m also looking forward to getting out of my gym clothes that I have been stuck in this week.

Bring on Date Night!