April 10, 2014

Who is Boo?

Posted in: Dog

boo-the-dogs_244359 boo boo_cute


The first time I heard about Boo was when one of Toby’s Instagram followers left a comment saying, ‘Toby is so cute, just like Boo!’ I had no idea who Boo was, Googled him and realised he was kind of a big deal! He has millions of followers on his Instagram and  Facebok accounts, celebrities follow him, he has a book deal and he has been made into a toy.

So how did Boo become so big? It happened by accident, actually. Boo is a Pomeranian which you wouldn’t pick as Pomeranians don’t look like that. His owner, who is some lady in the US, had to take Boo to the groomers because his hair was tangled and full of knots. Boo’s owner dropped him off at the groomers and was told the only way to fix the mess that was his hair was to shave it all off, she was very upset by this. When she picked Boo up, she couldn’t believe how cute he was, took some photos and posted it on Facebook and Instagram and the rest is history.

What do you think about all the Boo fuss? Are you a Boo lover?