April 11, 2014


Posted in: Family



It’s Friday and we celebrated by eating breakfast while dancing in the kitchen. We usually do this on the weekend back in Melbourne, blast music, a piece of toast in one hand, while we out do each other in dance moves. Toby is working on his dance moves, he doesn’t seem to like this family tradition as much as we do. We call this Kitchen Dancing.

I’m not sure what the point of these early morning posts have been about this week, I guess they were just something for me to do. Andrew will be moving into his new house on Sunday which will be much closer to uni. At the moment it takes him over an hour just to get there. Where he is moving to is next to the beach and there are strips of shops with lovely coffee shops. So, Toby and I will be making the most of it next week and explore this new area which is probably going to become our new hometown at the end of the year.

Hope you had a great week and have an awesome weekend.