April 14, 2014

Dog Apps

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How good are apps?! There is an app for everything these days and more and more apps are coming out that benefit your pooch. Take a look at what’s out there at the moment that you may be interested in:


Tagg helps you see where your dog is and monitor their activity levels 24/7. If your dog is lost you can quickly find them on a map, track where they’re going, and get driving directions to their current location from your phone. You can also keep track of your dog’s daily activity levels.

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Pet Phone

The Pet Phone app lets you track your dog’s health with ease. You can keep track of vet appointments, medications, allergies and food preferences for each of your dogs, and the app can be synced with your calendar to get reminders.

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If you want to see what your dog is up to in real-time, iCam is the app to get. You can watch your canine friend remotely, just to make sure everything’s all right.

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The home and garden can be a minefield of poisonous plants for our pooch. Many common plants found in your home or backyard can be toxic to your dog. This app gives you information that will keep your dog safe and poison-free.

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With MapMyDogwalk, you and your dog can get fit at the same time. You can log your walks, track your calories and map your favorite routes using GPS.

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Pet First Aid For Pets

First Aid for Pets (Australia) is an educational tool that contains many helpful and potentially life-saving articles for quick reference in the event of an emergency or potential health risk for your dog. This app also links with your local vet clinic to provide fast access to contact information in the event of an emergency.

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Dog Tricks

Dog training is one of those activities best done little and often, so having an app right on your phone with a dog log of training activity means if you have a spare 10 minutes you can fire it up, see the photo and video walk-throughs and give your pooch the chance to practice, whether it be simple tricks such as sitting, or circus-level dog skills like the hoop jump.

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