April 14, 2014

The Last Monday Of The Holidays

Posted in: Family

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This morning was glorious. Toby and I spent two hours walking along the beach, the warm sun shinning down on us, a (OK) cup of coffee in one hand, the Lorde album on repeat in my ears and Toby having a delightful time getting sand up his nose and constantly sneezing.

I’m probably going to get used to this. Everything is a trade off, isn’t it? In order to get this beautiful beach at your doorstep you trade in a life in the city full of amazing coffee and food and the best dog park going round.

Andrew and I never went on that date, Saturday night. Andrew was at work for 10.5 hours and came home at 7.30pm exhausted. We are going to have a date day today, Andrew finishes uni at lunch and we will spend the day on the beach, the three of us.

Happy Monday.