April 14, 2014

The Weekend That Was

Posted in: Family

Here are some photos from the weekend. I was on my own on Saturday while Andrew worked a massive 10.5 hour shift and Ricky and Cat were running around getting things organised for the their wedding on Friday (SO EXCITED!). I helped Andrew move out of Ricky and Cat’s place on Sunday and into his new home which is close to uni and the beach.

It’s my last week of holidays before driving back to Melbourne on Sunday, with Andrew. He has a weeks break and I am so looking forward to having him back home in our apartment.

Before that awesome week I have to get through this great week which is going to go so quickly because it’s going to be full of  walks on the beach, coffee, a visit from my best friend and a wedding packed with love and dancing.

Have a great week, hope the week is kind to you.

adelaide12^ Breakfast things, bananas and checking emails on my phone before going to work.

adelaide11 ^ Hi.

adelaide13^ Beautiful Eco. Eco, like Zara, is a rescue dog. Eco used to be a show dog but her personality couldn’t handle the pressure and as a result she is a very worried and sensitive dog. Ricky and Cat only shower her with love and she has become much better than when she first entred their home but still has a long way to go. She is such a beauty.

adelaide8^ Just chilling.

adelaide5^ Hey guys, what you doing? Can I join?

adelaide14^ Day time sleepover party.


adelaide9^ Morning bed hair.

adelaide10^ Sunday study session.







adelaide23^ Zara, tell the neighbours cat to go away.

adelaide24^ I love this boy.





adealide29^ Saying goodbye to Eco, so sad.