April 16, 2014

Be A Good Person, Save A Life

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I’m all for being a good person, if everyone tried to be a good person, this world would rock. Sometimes it’s hard being good, it takes effort especially if you want to make a difference. So it’s always nice when something comes along that you don’t have to put any real thought into and good things just happen. For example, buying the pink packaged eggs from the supermarket to support the breast cancer council or buying Australian made products to support our local industries or SavourLife dog food where 50% of its profits go towards saving and re-homing abandoned dogs.

I was really excited when SavourLife contacted me about their new Australian company, inspired by a passion for dogs and a desire to make a difference. Over 400,000 animals are abandoned across the country each year and approximately 180,000 of these are then euthanised. SavourLife aims to reduce the number of euthanised dogs by donating half of its profits to their partner pet rescue organisation, helping them find at-risk dogs new homes.

Toby is crazy for this stuff and so am I because SavourLife’s strips and biscuits come in beef or chicken flavours, contain no artificial flavours or colours, and packed with Omega 3 and 6 to promote healthy teeth and gums.

My friends like to make fun of me when I tell them that Toby eats organic kibble mixed with homemade mince and does not eat any supermarket treats. That may sound extreme but I want Toby to have a really healthy diet because I want him to stay as fit and healthy for as long as possible. Dogs have such short lives, it’s so unfair and one way of extending the quality of their lives is through good food.

When you buy a Savourlife product you can also track the progress of a dog your purchase is assisting by entering the 7-digit code provided on the packet into a dedicated section on the SavourLife website. You also have the ability to help in re-homing your dog more quickly, by using the code to share you dog’s profile with your friends through social media.

See, don’t you love it when you can be a good person and not do too much that breaks the brain! Furthermore, you know you’re not clogging up your Furball with those horrendous treats full of nasty fillers.

If you would like to know more about SavourLife, you can check out their website here or you can ask any quality pet food outlet if they stock SavourLife as these products are stocked in 150 outlets.

In the mean time, Toby is going to practice his Easter hunt techniques in preparation for Easter when he has to find all the hidden SavourLife stripes and biscuits.

savourlife2^ These look amazing, can I have some?

savourlife3^ Hey, wait for me, I want some too!

savourlife4^ Toby, have you had some without me, already? Let me smell your breath.

savourlife5^ Toby deciding which Savourlife treat he wants me to use for his Easter hunt.

savourlife6^ Let’s go with the beef flavoured stripes.

savourlife7^ How does this Easter hunt thing work? Do I hide the strips or do the strips hide themselves?

savourlife8^ Well in that case, found them all!

savourlife14^ Mum, how about I close my eyes and you go hide all the biscuits.

savourlife15^ Found one, that was easy.

savourlife9^ Found another one!





savourlife16^ OK, I think I get how the Easter hunt works, better save the rest of them for actual Easter.

savourlife17^ In the mean time, let’s play fetch!