April 22, 2014

A Week In The Life Of Toby Wigglebottom

Posted in: Dog


This year I am part of a panel of awesome dog experts who will be contributing to Puppy Tales. You can read my first article for the year here, How Toby has Changed my Life. My second article is about A Week in the Life of TobyWigglebottom:

I have the ability to make Toby’s life a good one.

In comparison to ours, his life is way too short. It breaks my heart when — even for a moment — I think about the fact that he won’t be with me as I reach milestones in the future. I want him by my side forever. Toby brings me so much joy, so much happiness, and so much contentment by just being him. I want to repay him for that and the only way I can repay him is by making sure he has a quality life. I do this by trying to provide him a good day, every day. He deserves it. This is what you can find Toby doing on a typical week.

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