April 24, 2014

Zoey and Jasper

Posted in: Dog

These images have gone viral and no wonder, cuteness overload! They come from Grace Chon who has two mutts (her words), one is a dog and one is a baby. Zoey is a 7 year old rescue mutt from Taiwan. She loves hiking, playing fetch with her toy squirrel, eating crumbs off the floor, and Jasper. Jasper is a 10 month old Chinese-Korean mutt from Los Angeles. He loves going for walks, eating pancakes and meatballs and yogurt and oatmeal and cereal (sometimes all together), and his best furry friends Zoey and Maeby.

Zoey and Jasper’s mum is a commercial photographer specialising in animals, lifestyle images, and celebrities with their pets. When she isn’t furiously editing photos during Jasper’s nap time, she likes to garden and watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Say hello and awe to Zoey and Jasper.

Just livin’ the hug life. xoxo Zoey and Jasper Hello to all our new friends! We’re glad you’re here to play. Thanks for all the love!

Guess which one of us likes to work out? (Here’s a hint, it rhymes with Shmasper.) xoxo Zoey and Jasper

Holla back! xoxo Zoey and Jasper

Never go on adventures without your trusty sidekick. xoxo Zoey and Jasper

BABY GANGNAM STYLE! xoxo Zoey and Jasper

Korean sauna is fun with your best friend! xoxo Zoey and Jasper

We’re party animals! xoxo Zoey and Jasper

All you need is a best friend and a silly hat. xoxo Zoey and Jasper

Hey Polar Vortex people - stay warm. xoxo, Zoey and Jasper