April 25, 2014

An Interview

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Today we speak with Rochelle Carlson who is taking her cavoodle Bella to the RSPCA Million Paws Walk. We ask Rochelle about this day and where all the proceeds go.

1. Firstly, how would you describe Bella?

Beautiful Bella is intelligent, funny and definitely the cheekiest Cavoodle! I swear, just to despise me, she poos in the house, right after we have just been outside to go to the toilet (we are currently in the potty training stage). Bella is a very quick learner, we aced puppy school and for our end of graduation trick, we learnt to shake. Today we learnt to hi-5! Bella is the oddest creature to watch. She loves chasing flies and torturing them! When she ‘plays’ with them, she smacks them to the ground and then rolls on them and then eats them! I’m a proud Mummy for sure, and I couldn’t imagine my life without her now.

2. You and Bella are taking part in the annual RSPCA Million Paws Walk. What is the Million Paws Walk all about?

The RSPCA Million Paws Walk is a walk to fight animal cruelty. All the proceeds raised go to the Gosford RSPCA (because that is where we are participating on the day) and surrounding branches. This walk, the fundraising behind it, is to help promote the awareness that people out there are still abusing and neglecting animals. The RSPCA rely on community donations as they receive less than 3% of Government funding.

3. Why have you decided to take part this year?

I first heard about the walk in 2012, the year I lost my 14-year-old Australian Red Heeler. The instant I brought Bella home, I immediately wanted us to join the Paws Walk, as a family and help a worthy cause. I believe that no animal should be left out in the cold without food or water, or without shelter, and most of all no animal should ever be physically abused or harmed! I am very passionate about animals and their personal well being.

4. You have created a fundraising page for the Million Paws Walk, what is that all about?

My fundraising page is an online webpage I use to help promote awareness via social media. It is the easiest way for people to donate to the RSPCA who don’t know me personally. I can publish on my webpage and inform followers of Bella of my fundraising activity, and it is also a way of me keeping track of the donations I am receiving. Everybody is connected via social media or internet access these days and I find that by having an online fundraising page it would be the easiest and most convenient way for the community to donate https://mpw-nsw-2014.everydayhero.com/au/team-pawfect

5. How do the proceeds help the abused animals?

All the proceeds go to the RSPCA. Sadly, the registration fees for the event just cover the holding of the charity day, so every bit of money donated goes to the animals. If I raise:

  • $30 it will provide shelter and care for a neglected dog.
  • $50 will heat a kennel during the cold winter months.
  • $150 will desex a kitten awaiting adoption.
  • $240 will provide vaccinations and microchipping for animals living in remote and regional areas.
  • $350 will keep an RSPCA inspector on the road fighting animal cruelty.

Without the help of the community and all the animal lovers out there, the RSPCA wouldn’t be able to do all the amazing work that they do! My hat goes off to them.

20140425-195112.jpg^ Bella collecting donations for the Million Paws Walk.

20140425-195106.jpg^ Bella ready to fight animal cruelty.