April 28, 2014

Adelaide According To My iPhone

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Adelaide ended up being amazing.

After my whinge about how different Adelaide is to Melbourne, the lack of good coffee and the simple fact it doesn’t have all the things, places and people I love from Melbourne in it, I decided to embrace the realisation that Adealide will be home soon.

It’s funny how when you change your attitude from negative to positive, you see the world, your environment, your situation in a more manageable, better, easier light. It’s easy to let our negative perceptions and behaviours rule us and it takes work and a lot of self talk to stay in a positive mind frame. I did a lot of self talk while in Adealide and instead of focusing on what I would be missing out on, I focused on how moving will allow me to be with Andrew, develop stronger friendships with my friends there, make new friends, spend my days at the beach, learn to make my own coffee and the possibilities of new adventures.

I left Adelaide feeling excited about the prospect of a simpler life for the next how many odd years.

20140427-170143.jpg^ Another positive about Adelaide, consistent blue skies.

20140427-170112.jpg^ Adelaide, you do coffee so poorly.


20140428-184849.jpg^ Toby giving Andrew some study tips.

20140427-170436.jpg^ Toby and Milo (our friend’s cat) meet for the first time.

20140427-170349.jpg^ Snuggle buddies.

20140427-170409.jpg^ Toby learning how to ride another dog.

20140427-170357.jpg^ Awkward family photo.

20140427-170336.jpg^ Study break cuddles.

20140427-170306.jpg^ Toby, stuck to the ground.

20140427-170256.jpg^ Cousins, Toby and Zara.

20140427-170246.jpg^ Naps with this teddy bear.

20140427-170152.jpg^ Enjoying each others company over bad coffee. Cibo is the McDonald of coffee in Adealide, it annoys me that these places are all over Adelaide and the coffee is so horrible.

20140427-170417.jpg^ Just chilling.

20140427-170425.jpg^ Cutting Zara’s nails is a family affair, Toby isn’t sure what all the wriggling is about. 20140427-170235.jpg20140427-170217.jpg


20140427-165900.jpg^ Can’t wait to move here. Toby and I started each morning in the second week of the holidays here. It was heaven.

20140427-165818.jpg^ I fist pumped the air when I found Pure, which sells good coffee.

20140427-165741.jpg^ Toby taking in the sea breeze.









20140427-151624.jpg^ Shaking out the sea water and sand.




20140427-151314.jpg^ After each beach session, which we did twice a day, Toby would end up in here.

20140427-151439.jpg^ One of my other favourite things in the world, reading magazines with…

20140427-151400.jpg^ …my sister from another Mister.

20140427-151417.jpg^ Toby always finds the comfiest spots to relax.




20140427-170050.jpg^ Toby giving Andrew some fashion advice in the change rooms.


20140427-151348.jpg^ These humans.

20140427-151608.jpg^ As snug as a bug.

20140428-184843.jpg^ Don’t go to uni, kisses.

20140427-151557.jpg^ This study head.

20140427-170444.jpg^ Spa fun time.


20140421-162255.jpg^ Toby so desperatly wanted to come into the spa but the heat was putting him off. So, he placed his paws in the water the whole time, so cute!



20140421-162146.jpg^ Toby giving the student life a go.

20140421-162140.jpg^ Toby giving Uncle Ricky good luck cuddles for his wedding the next day.

20140421-162225.jpg^ Ricky and Cat, our beloved friends getting married. It was amazing, love you, guys.

20140427-170530.jpg^ The reception where hard core dancing happened the whole night. My calves are still sore.

20140421-162218.jpg^ The beautiful bridal party.

20140427-170504.jpg^ Wedding photo booth fun.

20140428-184837.jpg^ Toby and I had the best Easter holiday to date. Hope you all had a happy Easter, too.