April 30, 2014

What Would Life Be Like Without Your Furball?

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Sometimes, I think to myself, one day Toby isn’t going to be here, he won’t be sitting like a little human in the front seat of the car accompanying me on errands, he won’t be my favourite coffee date, he won’t be there to give the best greetings when I come home, he won’t be by my side while I go through life, and those thoughts stab my heart. I want him to be with me till the end, I don’t want in 20 years to think, he was the best furball. I want to be thinking, he is the best furball. Life without him would be so dull, there would be less love flying around and less laughs. I was so reluctant to bring him home two years ago but he has changed my life and has opened so many doors and possibilities. He is a real life teddy bear, his soul is so good, his fury little face and those facial expressions crack me up each day.

Especially now that Andrew is gone, I am so lucky I have him for company, he pretends to listen to me by cocking his head from one side to the other, he has introduced me to a hobby that I am passionate about, he makes me get out of the house and exercise every day and he has allowed me to meet people from all over the world. He is pure magic dressed up in a furry suit with four legs and the deepest, darkest black eyes. Toby Wigglebottom is one of the main loves of my life and I can’t imagine what life would be like without him.

A few weeks ago on Instagram, I asked people to respond to the question, What would life be like without your furball? Here are their answers:

Life would not be as blessed as I feel it is! They are my babies and I don’t want to imagine life without them because they are my world. @eddyandharley

No way am I imagining that! @michele_pipi

Gloomy and all it’s synonyms. Who else would be there to turn my mood around or put a smile on my face simply by looking up at me and showing me his sweet little face? He is my dog and he makes me happy. Oh and also, where would I get my passwords from? @olivia.knight

A lot less full of poop. @feebee87

My house would hear far less laughter and my soul wouldn’t feel anywhere near as warm. @meechhodki

Can’t even bare to think about it, we’re sticking together no matter what. @myoodle

Heartbreaking! It took me over a week to name our furbaby after we adopted her because we needed something that fit her personality perfectly. From the first day, we frequently expressed how much joy she brought into our home. While searching the meaning of names, we came across Abigail (Abbey) which means ‘Giver of Joy.’ Without our furbaby, our home would have much less joy. @cavachonabbey

My house would be quiet and lifeless. My dogs mean the world to me. @chloe_cats123

Without my fur baby, my life would be pretty dull. Even my mom (who never allowed me to have a dog) loves him! He brings a lot of joy into the house and without him, I’d be pretty lost. Coming home to my boys is the best part of my day, so without him, life would pretty much be bland. @mikeyisthename

Without our sweet Gracie life wouldn’t have that extra sparkle. We exercise more, cuddle more and always feel loved and needed. @gdoodle6

Olly is the sunshine of our day! He’s as much a member of our family as everyone else in the family. Olly has a kind heart, yet a cheeky streak at the same time. He’s our sun and moon, he’s our soul mate. Olly is also a great business partner (hehe). Life wouldn’t be the same without him…it would be rather boring and lonely at times if his cheeky face wasn’t around. @ollysbox

Life would lose shine. As I always say to Raegan, “Me without you is like sky without blue.” The love would endure, though. I think she knows that, as I created a song for her (based off George Strait’s song) and sing it all the time. “Let me tell you something about eternal love. Our love is very special and it’s just between us. We don’t only love each other every now and then, we have a love without end. Amen.” The love would live on but the emptiness would be vast and heart shattering. @raeganhuston

Ollie has the ability to make you smile, even after he’s destroyed your favourite pair of shoes. His personality brings joy to our family and even people that we meet when we are out and about, which is something that warms our hearts everyday. @hayleylouisetaylor

My life would be dull. There would be no one to tell my secrets to, no one to love me unconditionally and no one to make me laugh as much as my two hairy bairns do! My two poodles are my best friends. And life is nothing without friendship. @weeaims83

I wouldn’t rush home from work, TAFE, the shops or even the boyfriend’s house! I love sleepy cuddles and I love how excited she is when she sees me, because I feel the exact same way! Bella surprises me everyday and makes me smile every second that I am with her. I wouldn’t imagine a day without her now. @ballabottom

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. My mum would be ever so lonely without us fur babies to make her smile. We’re the bestest of best friends a human can have. @cavoodlebrothers

It would be terrible without my dogs! I don’t know what I would do in my free time. Plus they help me cope with the troubles of life. They are my best friends, I couldn’t live without them! @lilypad862

I would have more matching socks but life would be plain old boring! @bakkakus

My Great Dane, Lucy is the love of my life. Without her I wouldn’t have been able to see the good in life when I experienced some of the worst emotional pain I could have imagined. She is the reason I wake up in the morning, I come home each evening and why I still believe in love. @littlehoppers

I don’t think I’d be here without him. He gives me a reason to get up everyday and makes me so happy with his smile and crazy antics. @percival_wulfric

I would not be running to Bunnings for patchwork repair materials every other day. I would be able to say and not need to spell out the word w.a.l.k for fear of creating false hope. I could stay at parties till 3am without feeling anxious there would be a surprise when I got home. BUT I would also be hopelessly lonely, devoid of unconditional love, no where near as happy and not feel like the luckiest mum in the world to have a fur child like my Biscuit. @biscuitpiecavoodle

Lonely and I would properly never know when someone is at the door without their boisterous greetings. @sheinemann

Our lives would be so very boring without Luna. She has an amazing smile, loves to run and has listened patiently to the saga that has been my life for the past year. I love her and hate to think about life without her. @doodlemama66

Lonely! And boring, sad, stressful, dull and awful! @tily_the_maltipoo

Pointless and lonely! Definitely not as bright and happy either. @lorrainboww

Don’t think I could ever live without my fur ball. He’s like my little guardian. @pepperdox