May 4, 2014

The Weekend That Was

Posted in: Family

Not sure about your neck of the woods, but over here, so cold this weekend. Sunday more so than Saturday. I secretly love the cold, there is just something very romantic about it, keeping warm in cozy cafes or at home with candles burning, not to mention the cuddling. Andrew gives the best cuddles, he is a cuddler but since he wasn’t here this cold weekend Toby and I cuddled, or rather, I cuddled Toby, he is such a teddy bear.

Hope you had a great weekend, have a great week!

20140504-181515.jpg^ Morning, rise and shine.

20140504-180905.jpg^ The morning sky doing cool things.

20140504-181052.jpg^ It’s a park life.

20140504-181032.jpg^ Sticks, nom, nom, nom.


20140504-181131.jpg^ Can I please have that stick?

20140504-181102.jpg^ Please, I want that stick.

20140504-181121.jpg^ Seriously, give it to me….please.

20140504-181324.jpg^ Waiting for my brunch dates.

20140504-181301.jpg^ Have you been to Dukes? If you haven’t you really should. Food is amaze and the coffee, even better. We all couldn’t stop at one.


20140504-181311.jpg^ This was our last brunch date before Nat becomes a mama, can’t wait to meet this baby, you’re almost here baby girl!

20140504-181252.jpg^ Nom, nom, nom.

20140504-181236.jpg^ Nom, nom, nom.








20140504-180946.jpg^ One of Toby’s beautiful followers on Instagram sent Toby a Get Well package full of wonderful things. One of those wonderful things is this bunny, Clover. Toby loves her.

20140504-180917.jpg^ See what I mean?

20140504-181546.jpg^ The Dog Lovers Show was on this Saturday and we donated a bunch of Neckerchiefs to the Save A Dog Scheme.


20140504-181532.jpg^ A happy customer.

20140504-180850.jpg^ Toby, watching me drive off! Bye mum!

20140504-181338.jpg^ Movies, watching The Other Women.

20140504-181453.jpg^ Dani, is this better? 😉

20140504-181506.jpg^ Rugging up for a cold Melbourne’s night.

20140504-152659.jpg^ Is there anything better than getting a super hot coffee or a super cold morning?

20140504-152706.jpg^ Nom, nom, nom.




20140504-191632.jpg^ Mum, why is everything so wet?

20140504-152743.jpg^ A wet park means Toby comes home looking like this.

20140504-152750.jpg^ Straight into the basin for you, my dear.

20140504-152757.jpg^ Hi, hello, can I have a treat?

20140504-152805.jpg^ A treat please!

20140504-152813.jpg^ Hello, anyone there?




20140504-191216.jpg^ Where is everyone?

20140504-180822.jpg^ Toby and his friends watching the soccer.

20140504-180828.jpg^ How adorable is this jumper. Suits you Gus.

20140504-181004.jpg^ Did I mention, it’s cold?!




20140504-181348.jpg^ Cuddles on the coach with my real life teddy bear.