May 21, 2014


Posted in: Family


^ Driving to Daycare


^ Waiting for Disneyland for dogs to open


^ Showered, feed and tucked into bed


^ As I like to say, let the Doggy Daycare hangover begin


Wednesday is my favourite day of the working week.

Toby loves Wednesdays because it’s Doggy Daycare day.

I love Wednesdays because I don’t have to think about Toby or do anything for him, except drop him off at Daycare, pick him up from Daycare, shower him, give him dinner and tuck him into bed. That stuff is easy.

It’s a win, win situation for both of us.

On a Wednesday I get to sleep in, no early morning rise at 5.15am to take Toby to the park for an hour.

I get ready at a more acceptable hour at 6.45am and drop Toby off at Daycare at 7:15am.

Toby starts crying with happiness as soon as he gets out of the car and runs into Daycare.

I kiss Toby goodbye, he forgets I exist as he says hi to all his friends and I make my way to my coffee shop.

I love that on a Wednesday I pick up my coffee in my good clothes, not my park clothes.

At work on a Wednesday, I don’t think about Toby once. Usually I do.

Driving home from work is pleasurable, I know that when I get home I don’t have to quickly get my park clothes on and take Toby to the park for an hour.

I don’t have to play with him when we get home from the park. Usually we play games that stimulate him mentally.

I love that when I pick Toby up from Daycare, he can hardly keep his eyes open, he is deflated with no energy left in him.

We get home and he jumps into the shower, has his dinner and then he is tucked into bed by 6pm. He will stay in bed, asleep until the morning.

With Toby asleep, I do whatever I want without having my little shadow at my feet. It feels good to know that he is fast asleep because happiness has exhausted him and I’m not exhausted.

I love Wednesdays.