June 17, 2014

Next Tuesday

Posted in: Family



The count down is on, one more week until our family is together again for a whole 2.5 weeks. In the last 2 months, Andrew and I have only seen each other a total of 3 days. Andrew has his last exam this coming Tuesday and will fly down to Melbourne as soon as he answers his last question.

Toby is going to be over the moon when he sees Andrew again. Toby will shower him with kisses as soon as Andrew gets into the car, when we pick him up from the airport. Don’t you love how open dogs are about their love for you, it is intense and they show you this love with every fiber of their furry little being. I love that, us humans need to take a leaf out of our furry friend’s book and sprinkle a bit of that pure love around.

Tuesday, you can’t come fast enough.