June 26, 2014

How Often Should You Wash Your Pooch?

Posted in: Dog


Toby has a shower every Wednesday night, after Daycare. There are 3 reasons why he showers once a week:

1. He sleeps in our bed and we want to share it with a clean pooch

2. He is so dirty and smelly after a whole day at Daycare

3. It stops Toby smelling like a dog

In reality dogs don’t need to be bathed, in the wild they don’t have showers and unless your pooch has a specific skin problem or seriously sticks, there is no reason to ever wash them.

Most people do bathe their pooch once in a while and only because they make a more enjoyable companion when they aren’t caked in mud and dirt and don’t smell. Dogs that are very much inside dogs and don’t venture outside have less of a need to be washed then dogs who live outside and like to get dirty or dogs who live inside but get dirty when they venture out to the park.

At the end of the day, there isn’t really a right or wrong way of bathing your furball. My vet knows I wash Toby once a week and she says it is totally safe because Toby does not have problematic skin and I use soap free shampoo to prevent his coat from drying out.

Most vets recommend you washing your pooch with normal skin once a month with normal dog shampoo.

What about you and your pooch? How often to you bathe your furry friend?