July 11, 2014


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Like all good things, they end too soon. Today is the last day of my holidays before it’s back to work on Monday. On Sunday, Toby and I will say bye to Andrew and we will make the 8 hour drive back to Melbourne. We don’t want to leave, Andrew doesn’t want us to leave. It’s always painful saying bye but we both know after a few days everything settles and it’s back to getting on with life, counting down the days until we see each other again.

Toby and I spent two hours down at the beach this morning, walking up and down the shore. It’s pretty cold and windy which keeps most people away. Even in winter it’s so peaceful, with the occasional wave crashing violently onto the shore, snapping you out of your thoughts and reminding you just how powerful the sea is.

Daily walks along the beach have been such a nice change from daily walks in the park, back home. Even though, down at the beach, the wind makes a mess of my hair, sprinkles of salt line my scalp, Toby’s coat smells like seaweed, his hair caked in sand, we enjoy it much more than the park.

This beach is one of the reasons why I’m really looking forward to moving here.

Hope you all have a great weekend.



beach19^ Mum, it’s a bit windy today.


beach17^ Oh look, lots of birds, I wonder if it’s wise if I charge at them.



beach14^ Windy days at the beach do not make for good photos.


beach^ Hey mum, look what I found. It think it’s a stick or maybe a sea cucumber?



beach7^ Who needs a wind machine.

beach6^ Thank you so much mum for sharing your coffee froth with me.


beach5^ Yum, that was delicious. Thanks.

beach12^ What do you mean it’s time to go home…

beach10^ …but I don’t want to!