July 22, 2014


Posted in: Family

Toby and I went up to Bright with my best friend over the weekend to get away from a busy life at the moment. Bright is 4 hours from Melbourne and is just beautiful. The air in Bright is fresh and clean, breathing it in makes your lungs feel good. It was so nice up there, albeit cold. We rugged up by the fire, we drank copious amounts of tea, ate, read magazines, chatted, knitted, went for walks, drank coffee. It was wonderful, really wonderful.

bright^ Each morning we woke up to frost, brrr.

bright6^ Toby and Milo all ready for a relaxing weekend.

bright20^ Coffee runs.

bright21^ Mum, don’t forget my double shot latte, full cream milk, no sugar.



bright11^ Yes, they smell ripe, Mum.

bright10^ Hey Aunty Chantel, want to play hide and seek?

bright9^ Hmm, I wonder where she went.

bright3^ Knitting headbands.

bright4^ I’m a great helper in the kitchen! I pick up everything that falls to the ground, with my mouth.



bright19^ Hey Aunty Chantel, guess what?

bright16^ …I want to give you a kiss, right now!

bright5^ A just like that, the weekend is over and back to reality.