July 23, 2014


Posted in: Family


I forgot to share this snap of Toby last week. This was two Sundays ago in Adelaide. We were saying bye to Andrew and Toby’s face captures perfectly the emotions we were all feeling that morning.

I don’t want to leave you, I’m going to miss you terribly, why can’t we just be together, should I just quit work and pack up and move here, I’m going to be so lonely without you guys, were the types of conversations we were having around the car as Toby and I  were getting ready to go on our 9 hour road trip back to Melbourne.

This long distance thing is a constant tug of war on the heart strings. When I am back home with Toby life goes on, I feel like everything is fine, I’m doing well, time is going by quickly. But then you spend a few days together or a week or two and the thought of being apart hurts and you get anxious about saying goodbye. When the time comes to say farewell to each other, you painfully say bye and it takes a few days to feel OK again. You get on with life until it’s that time to see each other. You are so excited, you count down the days, and once you’re together and loving life, just like that, you have to say goodbye and all the, ‘I don’t think I can do this,’ feelings come back and the cycle just repeats itself.

It’s not fun.

I’m pretty happy that we have passed the more than half way mark. Only another 5 months and this long distance thing will be a distant memory and all the emotions that come with it will no longer carry their pain.