August 12, 2014

Hugging Out The Stress

Posted in: Baby


Today was a long day at work and a long day after work. It seems like life lately has gotten so busy my head is about to explode. I hate stress, most people hate stress, but some don’t. There are some people like Andrew who thrive off it. He finds it an adrenalin rush, a challenge, which results in a massive high once the stressful task is complete. I don’t get it. I try very hard to have a stress free life, which for me is a much more pleasurable place to be. To keep stress out of my life I try and be as organised as possible, don’t take on more than I can handle and make a conscience effort not to put myself in stressful situations.

At the moment stress has been creeping in a little more than I would like because of some great opportunities that have presented itself. This is a great thing but, with these opportunities comes stress from the lack of time there is available in a day to complete everything.

Thank you universe for dogs, in particular Toby Wigglebottom, who seems to be excellent at reading when I really need him to just stay still and let me hug him without wriggling away. He isn’t the biggest lover of hugs, he tolerates them for a few minutes but then he is out of there.

This evening as stress was overwhelming me, I stopped, grabbed Toby and we hugged on the couch for a long time. There is something magical and relaxing about nuzzling my head into his soft, beautiful, curly chest and just staying still for ages.

After our hug session, I felt so much better, was refocused and had an ‘it’s OK, we can do this’ outlook. I love this little fur ball of mine, he brings so much to the table by just being him, he is a wonderful soul and I am so grateful he is part of my family.