August 25, 2014

5 Tips For Going On A Road Trip With Your Dog

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It’s that time again, I have written a post for Puppy Tales on what I do when I take Toby on road trips.

For Toby, car trips always mean we are going somewhere exciting. He eagerly jumps into the front seat, puts his head out the window and enjoys the sweet smells that drift up his nose as we drive to our destination.

We have been lucky with Toby — he is a very calm and relaxed passenger and is happy to sit in a car for two or three hours. This year Toby’s patience in a car has been tested on several occasions. My husband has moved to Adelaide and Toby and I have stayed behind in Melbourne, visiting Andrew for two weeks every three months. As I can’t bare to put Toby on a plane we make a 9 hour road trip over to Adelaide.

The first time we drove to Adelaide I was a little nervous about how Toby would tolerate such a long drive. I came up with a plan — which I implement — allowing Toby’s road trip experience to be a pleasurable one.

Here are some tips for going on a road trip with your dog that have worked well for Toby on his three 9 hour-long car trips to Adelaide this year.

You can view the 5 tips, here.