September 22, 2014

Are You Obsessed With Your Pooch?

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People love telling me I’m obsessed with Toby. They call it obsessed, I call it living a good life with my Furball. From the very beginning, we wanted Toby to be part of our family, not a bystander, and be included in everything we do and as a result, we think about him and his needs just like we do with any other family member.

There was an article on BuzzFeed, indicating the 15 signs that show you are obsessed with your pooch. Now, BuzzFeed is a bit of fun and is not meant to be taken seriously but I went through the signs that indicate obsession and found that I may be obsessed, according to the article.

Here are the signs to look out for:

1. You talk to them when no one is around


I’m pretty sure everyone who owns a pooch talks to them. Since it’s just been Toby and I this year, I talk to Toby all the time. Mostly I ask Toby questions such as:

“Good morning, how was your sleep?”

“Do you know I love you?”

“Want to go to the park/get coffee/go see our friends?”

When I come home: “What did you do today?”

“Do you want your dinner?”

“Why do you have to be so cute?”

On a Wednesday morning, which is Daycare day: “Do you know what day it is?”

“Can you go to the shops and get me….”

“What are your thoughts on….”

2. You’re actually pretty sure that your dog is a person


I’m actually pretty sure Toby is a person, he is so human like it amazes me. When Toby does dog like things like roll in dead carcass in the park I yell out, ‘Stop acting like a dog, you’re a person, people don’t do stuff like that!’

3. You have so many nicknames for them


Toby has a handful of nicknames such as, T-Dog, Tobes, Wiggles, Mr. Wigglebottom, Mr. Bottom, Buddy.

4. No dog can be as cute as yours


This is true, in my eyes, no one is cuter than Toby even though I have seen so many beautiful, cute looking dogs, Toby always wins. I figure this is how you feel towards your own children, you see them as the cutest, best, funniest and so on. To me no one beats Toby Wigglebottom.

5. You justify it when they deny your affection


Can’t say I do this one. When Toby denies my affection, you can find me saying, ‘I do so much for you, all you can do is stay still while I hug you!’ Or when I call him to come sit with me on the coach and he just looks at me and ignores me, I let him know how rude he is being.

6. You refer to them as a member of your family


Definitely! Toby is our son, he will always be our first child, he is such an important part of our family, he has made us a proper family. Love you, son.

7. You stare at your dog while it sleeps because it’s so cute


BuzzFeed I do not like how you are calling our pooches, ‘it!’ But yes, I do stare at Toby while he sleeps and think he is such a divine ball of fluff and how happy he makes this world of ours.

8. People think you talk about them too much


I don’t think I talk too much about Toby and I have never been told I talk too much about him. Although I do have a blog and Instagram account about him…

9. You let them walk all over you


No, no, no! Ever since Toby was a puppy we have made it very clear to him who is in charge and what he is allowed to do and how we expect him to behave. If you let your pooch walk all over you, that’s when so many behavioural problems start.

10. You take your dog on vacation with you


Sure do! It’s always a much better holiday when Toby is with us. And as soon as planes allow dogs to purchase a seat rather than being shoved in with luggage, Toby is going to come travel the world with us.

11. You don’t hang out with people because you don’t want your dog to be alone


I don’t do this but I have gone home early on a few occasions because I know Toby has been left alone for too long and I start to feel extremely guilty. Usually if I know I’ll be out for the evening or day, I ship him over to my sisters’ so he has company.

12. You are as excited to feed them as they are to eat


No! If it was possible to train Toby to get his frozen mince out of the freezer, defrost and cook it and mix it in with his kibble as well as pour fresh water into his drinking bowl, I would have trained him to do this a long time ago.

13. You find it necessary to celebrate your dog’s birthday every year


I always plan to but never really get round to it. We actually forgot his 2nd birthday this year, maybe I’m not that great of a mum.

14. You imagine what it would be like if you and your dog were on Adventure Time

Er, say what?

15. You provide your dog with the love and loyalty that your dog provides you


Sure do, I want Toby to know how loved he is and how committed we are to ensuring he has a quality life, every day. We love you Toby!

So out of the 15 signs that indicate obsession, I show 10 of them.

What about you? Are you obsessed with your pooch?