September 23, 2014

Toby & His Best Friend

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^ Toby and his first best friend, Giant Lion

Toby is a lover of toys, in particular stuffed toys. Toby received his first stuffed toy when he was 9 months old after Andrew wanted to get another puppy to keep Toby company. Andrew thought that Toby is probably very lonely when we are both at work and would love someone to hang out with. I was against the idea as we live in an apartment and just didn’t want the responsibility of looking after 2 pooches.

What Andrew said did stay with me, so the next day I popped into Kmart to see if they had any big stuffed toys for kids that I could purchase for Toby to keep him company during the day. As I walked down the toy aisle, I saw a giant lion stuffed into some shelves, he was $12 and seemed perfect.

Bringing this stuffed lion home and placing him next to Toby was comical as the stuffed toy towered over Toby (the photo above on the bottom right hand corner is from the day I brought the toy home). Regardless of size, Toby seemed to be interested in him and would drag him everywhere he went. We decided to call him Giant Lion, as he was a giant compared to Toby.

Over the year, Toby became so attached to Giant Lion, wherever Toby went Giant Lion came too. Toby would lick his mane daily, as if he was cleaning him. He would suck on his nose like a dummy to help him fall asleep. Giant Lion became his best buddy and kept Toby company when we weren’t home.

Sadly, one morning we woke up and found Giant Lion’s face completely gone. Overnight, Toby must have had a brain spasam and decided it was a good idea to not only rip out all the stuffing out of Giant Lion’s head but also rip off his eyes, nose and mane. His face was beyond repairable and it was a very sad day in our household when we had to throw him in the bin.

I tried to find another Giant Lion, I went to so many Kmarts, Targets, $2 Shops in the hope to find something similar, but a year later, I couldn’t find anything that came close to the awesomeness that was GL. Instead, I bought a few other stuffed toys but Toby wasn’t as in love or interested in them.

Then at the start of this year, Toby’s Grandma gave him 2 teddy bears as a present that we named Milo and Otis. It was Otis that Toby took a fancy to, picking him up and dragging him everywhere he went. Right from the beginning, Toby started to do everything to Otis that he did to Giant Lion. These days, he sucks Otis’s nose to help him fall asleep, he licks his coat clean, he has daily rumbles and tumbles with him and will go with Toby when he has sleepovers at other people’s houses. I love how at the end of the day when I say to Toby, ‘OK, bed time,’ and he will run and find Otis and drag him into bed with him.

I’m pretty happy that Toby has found love again. I love their relationship, even though Otis (and Giant Lion) aren’t alive, the way Toby loves and cares for them, besides ripping Giant Lion’s face off, is pretty sweet to watch and just goes to show what love these hairy things are capable of.

Does your Furball have a stuffed toy or toy that they are attached to?

photo^ Milo and Otis

IMG_0899^ Having chats with Otis

IMG_0898^ Otis helping Toby fall asleep

IMG_0897^ Best friends

IMG_0896^ Toby and Otis getting ready for movie night in bed

IMG_0895^ Always together


^Kisses for a great friend